First day In New Zealand

    I Arrived in Nelson, New Zealand this morning. For the past 12 hours or so I have explored and observed the town and the people. I sat on a bench today for an hour and a half just soaking it all in, watching the world go by. Although people focus on the big differences like the accents or the side of the road they drive on, the little things are always more interesting to me. Some of the smaller differences I found are:

1.     Whatever the fuck these things are over the windows on cars, are on every third car. I see these maybe once a month back home and only on trucks. I never knew what they were for but they’re on all sorts of cars down here.

2.     Although people focus a lot on the sheep to dude ratio, the man to woman ratio is also rather favorable from what I have observed so far.

3.     The doorknobs are generally higher.

I haven’t seen enough of new Zealand to assume these apply to everywhere but in Nelson there were also a shit ton (metric shit ton of course) of these tiny birds. They chirp so loudly in the trees that I doubt I could fall asleep within a 40-foot (that’s like 13 meters or something) radius of one. 

     Some random dude named matt came and sat with me for a while. He said he drove 7 hours from his hometown to see some girl. She stood him up. Moral of the story, regardless of the side of the car you drive on, or how you pronounce aluminum, dudes are still willing to make a trek to get some ass.