The College Conundrum

     Before I started my gap year I had been accepted to attend The University Of Redlands in the fall. It was the perfect school for me. It had a great support system for learning dissabilities and Is a relatively small school. The only two things I wanted in a school. However, unfortunately, over my gap year, something great happened. I never thought that something great could be unfortunate, but I was wrong. The unfortunate thing that happened, was that I found my passion. It was film. I had hoped this would happen I just hoped it wouldn't be film because Redlands, my dream school, doesn't have a film program. I had to reassess my future. I looked into a handful of schools and what it came down to was this. Small school, learning disability support, film program: Pick two. The three schools I looked at were redlands, Loyola Marymount University and University of Arizona. redlands was missing a film program, LMU doesn't have amazing learning disability support and arizona Is massive. After much thought I decided that LMU is the spot for me. Although they may not support me the same way redlands or Arizona would have, I think the extra independence will end up being good for me anyway. Now all that's left is to get in.