New Years Resolutions

     2014 has ended. Last year was the first year I have ever actually completed my new years resolution. I managed to post 100 posts on this blog. although I didn't complete it in the way I thought I would by posting twice a week, I still made it to 100 and I am very satisfied. Making new years resolutions is hard but here's how to guarantee that you don't give up in one week like 90% of people do.

  1. Don't focus on the end goal, focus on the steps to get there. Rather than saying "loose weight" say something like "work out both mondays and wednesdays." the more specific you are about time and place to achieve your goals the higher the chance is of following through.
  2. Only use quantifiable goals. exercise more is a very common goal but it is rarely quantified. If you worked out at all you would be working out more. Set a number. I want to work out 104 times this year, That comes out to twice a week. at the end of the week you can check whether or not you have completed your goal. A lot harder to ignore than asking yourself if you have worked out more than last year and a lot easier to feel satisfied short term. 
  3. If you get behind, don't make it up later. let's go back to the exercise resolution, If your plan is to work out 4 days a week and you miss one week due to a vacation or something of that nature.  forget about that week and pick up where you left off instead of working out 8 times the next week or 5 times week for the next 4 weeks. Keep it simple, stay on track. 
  4. Be flexible but not too flexible. if you set your goals too high and realize they may be unobtainable, don't let yourself snap.This means you realize that they are impossible so you stop. Instead, alter them so they are a bit easier. Exercising once a week for a year is better than exercising four times a week for 3 weeks. Bend, don't break. 

     By following these guidelines I have once again set my new years resolution. The first one is to draw 52 pictures by the end of the year. That comes out to one drawing a week. I will not be publishing them all because it is purely for myself. The second one, which is the easiest of the three, is to keep track of my chocolate milk consumption. I have always been curious how much I drink. (so far I have drank 8 glasses.) and lastly I want to keep up my website. I have yet to fully develop this thought. Because of my plans for travel and school, I might back off from last year and only post once a week. I have yet to solidify my plans for my website but they will come soon. Best of luck to all who attempt a new years resolution. Take them seriously but have fun.