A Predicament

     I recently shaved my long hair that I have been growing for around 2 and a half years and my beard of about 5 months. I shaved and trimmed just in time for an up coming blind date with a sorority girl. Sound like perfect timing that as soon as I stop looking like a 35 year old homeless man I'm set up with a hot sorority girl, right? wrong. The timing was terrible. I shaved my beard first with a clipper and then with a razor so that It would be easier. However, My skin was not used to being shaved after having a beard for so long so it broke out. Acne does not look good on me. I waited for it to subside and then tried again and once again, acne spread across my cheeks and chin. I had 5 days till my date so I decided I would not shave and to go for it with a little bit of stubble. After all, stubble is very attractive to some women, acne is not. My plan was going great until this morning. I had forgotten how quickly my facial hair grows and four days after my most recent shaving incident the acne was gone but the stage of beard growth where your face gets itchy and irritated from the long stubble breaking through your skin was upon me. I'm caught between a rock and a hard place. By letting my beard grow I could potentially show up to my date with stubble and acne (a bad combination) or clean shaven, but risk irritation and even worse acne. I am still weighing my pros and cons. If any one has any advice please send help immediately. Worst comes to worst I might actually need to use something other than my ridiculously good looking face and figure to get this girl to like me. Wish me luck.