SnapChat Etiquette

     I use snapchat everyday. It's by far my favorite app on my phone. However people misuse it frequently. I don't mean they use it for evil or anything, they just don't use it as well as they could. I put together A short list of things to keep in mind while using the snapchat app.

  1. Don't send me your snapchat story. If I get a snapchat from you and then look at your story and see the same one, I'm gonna be bummed out. You want to snap chat me something but also want everyone else to see it including me? You don't need to double up. If it's on your story I will see it, you don't need to send it to me and to your story. That being said you can send people snapchats with the same content as your story as long as it isn't the exact picture or video. Make your story, then retake the picture and throw an emoji in there or a more personalized caption.
  2. Mass snaps are ok. Some people think that they are annoying and no one should do them because you could just post to your story, but a mass snap means that you might be interested in starting a snap conversation, not just wanting people to see what you're doing at that moment. The story feature has a very different purpose than sending out a mass snap. 
  3. I don't care what you're eating right now. Every once in a while, sure, Send me a snap of a salad so you can make sure other people know you make sacrifices to have that body, but then I'd rather just see that. If you post a picture of food more than once a week you are wasting my time. That is for Instagram where I can at least have the satisfaction of not liking it and just scrolling by. The safest thing to do is to never post pictures of your food. No one cares. 
  4. Screen shotting is the one flaws with snapchat. And everyone has differing opinions. Some people think that under no circumstances is it ok, some people think that If you aren't prepared to have it screen shotted don't send it at all. I think screen shooting is fine, just use your discretion. For example, a  a selfie with a random construction worker you might find funny and want to screenshot, that is fine, I appreciate that. There are no likes or comments on snapchat so sometimes that is the only positive feedback you can get. However on the flip side, if I snap my friend of picture of me making as many double chins as I can and counting them, Don't screenshot that. Not because it's inappropriate or anything, just because that is snapchat courtesy. 
  5. The beauty of the story feature is that there is no real limit to how much you can post. On instagram it's annoying when people post 100 pictures in a day. And the same goes for snapchat, It's just a lot easier to stay below the annoying level. Anything over 80 seconds long is too much. Although the threshold for amount of posts before I start to hate you is much higher, it is still there. So be careful.

I hope this guide will help you snapchat responsibly and respectfully.