My Biggest Regret

Here is an email I recently sent to club penguin. For those of you who aren't aware of what club penguin is, it is an online video game for kids and you play as a penguin. 

My name is Hunter Randolph, I am 18 years old, and I am in distress. I have not played club penguin in years and cannot remember my password or what email I used to create my account. However that is not what my problem is. One of my biggest regrets in life is in how I named my penguin. I named him wumbo5 and I loved that name. I joined club penguin very early so I was able to get the first name I tried. However, about a year after I got the name I began to realize that maybe I shouldn't have named him wumbo5 and should have instead just named him wumbo. I am used to having to pick obscure names because everything without numbers is usually already taken, putting a 5 on the end seemed like the normal thing to do, but it would have been absolutely legendary to have my name be just wumbo. To this day, many years later, it haunts me that I might have been able to have the greatest screen name in the world but I wan't willing to spend 15 seconds to check it's availability. Even now I remain extremely disappointed. What I am asking is not to have my screen name changed because I am sure wumbo has been taken by now and I don't even remember my password or anything, but simply to tell me whether or not wumbo was available at the time I joined. I would look myself but I do not have access to that kind of information. This would mean a lot to me, more than you could ever know. 
Thank you so much for creating a game that I played for years throughout my childhood,
-Hunter Randolph