Elevating Gas Chamber

The gym was closed. The front desk had said it would be open until 7 but uppon arival at 6, the gym emloyee said he would be closing early. We turned back toward the elevator to return to our hotel room. We approached the elevator in dissapintment, our dreams of benching tremendous weights would have to wait another day to be realized as just a dream. While approaching the elevator I let out a sigh of dissapointment from between my rosy cheeks. Hardly enough noise to be heard, as if the last who in whoville had finnally participated in the humongous racket to gain the attention of Horton. 

     My brother and I boarded the elevator together and upon entering my brother inquisited as to whether or not I had unchained a food ghost in the elevator. I told him I had not and that it may have fallowed me from outside the elevator where I had in fact released exhaust. He chuckled and then look at me and told me that he too had just added to the methane problem that haunts our enviornment. 

     the scent was not serious but it was present. the gym was on the floor directly below the lobby. We should have taken this into account before inviting caspar the ghosts unhygenic brother to accompany us. 

     When the light on the elevator indicated we had gotten to the lobby, the elevator slowed and came to a hault. Oh shit! our nightmares had been realized. we wouldnt be alone for long. 

     the elevator doors slid silently aside and revealed a pair of relaxed tourists returning to their hotel room after a long day of tourism. They stepped inside the realm that i had just claimed as my own. almost imediatly after the doors silently encased us into the chamber of doom, one of the pair exlaimed none to eloquently, "What the hell is that smell?' We had been found out, they must have had a hunch that by our nervous glances at eachother and apperant physical anxiety that we were the culprits. We waited until we reached our floor, a painfully long journey. and then laughed from embarrassment as we hurried back to our den in which we could freely hotbox ourself with noxious fumes, where our bowels would not be oppressed.