The More You Know

When I was in the second grade I did a research report on the turkey and learned something that I would never forget: that turkeys can drown in the rain.This knowledge nugget has proven to be more useful than anything I learned in a semester of college. The number of times I have been able to smoothly enter a turkey related conversation with this fun fact is enormous. 


Learning The States

Fifth grade is the year when most americans learn american geography. I was living in rome with my family during this time so I never learned the states. Having recently stopped attending college I decided that now would be a perfect time to go back and fill in the gaps in my education. I found a website that lets you play a game to learn the states which was perfect for me because thats how I learn best. from knowing as much as a 4th grader knows about american geography to knowing as much as a smart 5th grader only took me 30 minutes. It took me 13 tries to get it perfect and now I can tell you exactly where Ohio is.

Goodbye School

     The first level of any video game is always the easiest. It gives you a sense of what the game is like without all the danger of seriously difficult bad guys and hard quests. If the first level was too difficult, you might get discouraged and make a quick decision that the game is no good, resulting in nobody playing it. The same thing goes for school. I showed up to college, enrolled in four classes and had 16 credits like most of my class mates. this seemed like the easy level 1, but I forgot something crucial: my gameboy is broken.

     I had been struggling with severe anxiety and depression for most of my high school years. It is entirely a symptom of school. Being an outgoing and seemingly happy person, most people would not guess that depression or anxiety are things I struggle with, but it's the unfortunate truth. When I got to school and started taking classes and having homework, it was very apparent to me that something was wrong. I wasn't very happy with any of my classes and I had to read way more than I ever thought was possible. For someone with dyslexia and attention deficit disorder, long reading assignments are a huge source of anxiety. I was more than unhappy with school so I knew I had to make a change. I promised myself that if I ever started having the kinds of thoughts and feelings that I did in high school I would stop doing whatever it was that was the source of those feelings. So when I was 5 weeks into college and miserable I knew I had to stop. 

     Back to the video game analogy. Sure the first level was too hard for me, but that doesn't mean there isn't something easier. It wasn't that I didn't like being there, In fact quite the opposite. I loved being there. I love smart people and I love being able to play ultimate frisbee and I love partying, but ultimately my mental health came first. What I'm saying is this: I'm not done with school but I am done with school for right now. for the next two months I will be working on trying to jumpstart a professional career. Whether it be online or as a videographer or whatever else I might discover in the next two months, I plan to start my life. However, if I realize at the end of the two months that my goals are a little bit more unachievable than previously thought, I will return to school. This time however, I will be on super duper easy mode. I would be Take less classes and preferably ones not in the classroom, I would utilize the counseling center as well as my adviser and hopefully not run into another road block. If upon returning to school and finding myself in the same state I was when I left, then I will need to do some serious reflection and reevaluation. Hopefully it doesn't come to that. 

My First Videos

I have been in Thailand for about a month now. Iv been working with a video company and a dive shop to make videos of their clients. Basically I follow them around in the morning filming them on their dive, edit it in the afternoon and show it to them in the evening. My first few movies were not that great but here is my very first.

It's not great, some of the shots are too long, the color correction didn't turn out to good and some of my shots are shaky. But I learned a shit ton. The next video was the 4th or 5th video I made. A huge amount of improvement from the first one but still not close to where I think I can be. Take a look. I love feedback and am always looking for song suggestions.

Missed Opportunity

     So yesterday when I was talking to the dude that drove across the country to meet some girl, he said that in the morning he was going to drive back down to Christ Church. I should have been all like, "Well sir, you probably don't want to drive alone, and me and my brother are trying to make it to Christ Church, I think we might be able to work something out." But instead I was like "Thats nice." I need to get into traveler mode fast so I don't blow it this hard again. Always be vigilant. Be like the hitchhiking batman. 

First day In New Zealand

    I Arrived in Nelson, New Zealand this morning. For the past 12 hours or so I have explored and observed the town and the people. I sat on a bench today for an hour and a half just soaking it all in, watching the world go by. Although people focus on the big differences like the accents or the side of the road they drive on, the little things are always more interesting to me. Some of the smaller differences I found are:

1.     Whatever the fuck these things are over the windows on cars, are on every third car. I see these maybe once a month back home and only on trucks. I never knew what they were for but they’re on all sorts of cars down here.

2.     Although people focus a lot on the sheep to dude ratio, the man to woman ratio is also rather favorable from what I have observed so far.

3.     The doorknobs are generally higher.

I haven’t seen enough of new Zealand to assume these apply to everywhere but in Nelson there were also a shit ton (metric shit ton of course) of these tiny birds. They chirp so loudly in the trees that I doubt I could fall asleep within a 40-foot (that’s like 13 meters or something) radius of one. 

     Some random dude named matt came and sat with me for a while. He said he drove 7 hours from his hometown to see some girl. She stood him up. Moral of the story, regardless of the side of the car you drive on, or how you pronounce aluminum, dudes are still willing to make a trek to get some ass.


I Leave Today

     This month I drank 57 glasses of chocolate milk. For the next 3 months or so, my chocolate milk consumption will dip significantly. While traveling throughout New Zealand and Thailand I won't have as much time to seek out chocolate milk. Although going this long without it will be hard, I think the journey will be worth it. Until next time, Chocolate Milk. I will miss you. 

Radar Detectors

     Having a radar detector in your car would be convenient. You can cruise on the highway at 85 miles per hour in a 65 zone with no fear of getting caught. However, I know that once I get used to having one in my car I might get addicted. Every time I get a new car I will always have a detector in it and I'll have one all the way up until I get married and have kids. Where I am in my life now, there is no problem with having a radar detector but I wouldn't my kids to see me driving with one in my car and I know I wouldn't be able to give the detectors up once I became reliant on them. The reason why I wouldn't want my kids to see me with one in my car and why I am against them in other cars is because it sets the example that the reason why we obey the speed limit is to avoid the legal ramifications and not because speeding is a safety issue. I would not want my children to grow up thinking that breaking the speed limit by 20 miles per hour is OK as long as they don't get caught. As much as getting a ticket sucks, the laws are there to protect you. 

The College Conundrum

     Before I started my gap year I had been accepted to attend The University Of Redlands in the fall. It was the perfect school for me. It had a great support system for learning dissabilities and Is a relatively small school. The only two things I wanted in a school. However, unfortunately, over my gap year, something great happened. I never thought that something great could be unfortunate, but I was wrong. The unfortunate thing that happened, was that I found my passion. It was film. I had hoped this would happen I just hoped it wouldn't be film because Redlands, my dream school, doesn't have a film program. I had to reassess my future. I looked into a handful of schools and what it came down to was this. Small school, learning disability support, film program: Pick two. The three schools I looked at were redlands, Loyola Marymount University and University of Arizona. redlands was missing a film program, LMU doesn't have amazing learning disability support and arizona Is massive. After much thought I decided that LMU is the spot for me. Although they may not support me the same way redlands or Arizona would have, I think the extra independence will end up being good for me anyway. Now all that's left is to get in. 

How To Not Waste Your Gap Year

     In about 3 weeks I'm leaving for New Zealand and then to Thailand after that. The trip should be fun but to tell the truth, I'm disappointed. This is the first adventure of my gap year and summer is almost upon us. I had an entire year to do whatever I wanted and I didn't take advantage of it. Now that my year is winding down I'm realizing all of the fun things I could have done. I could have done a road trip, I could have backpacked across the country or through foreign ones, even getting a real job would have been better than what I did. When people ask what I did on my gap year so far I get to say that I did absolutely nothing. At first this was fine, I needed some time to decompress so I didn't feel bad about hanging around for a while, but then it got sad. I felt like I was wasting my time and every time someone asked what I have done so far I didn't want to admit it. as I got closer to my New Zealand trip I didn't think I would have time to squeeze anything in between so I just decided to wait it out. That was a mistake. If you plan on taking a gap year, here's how to not feel like you wasted your time. 

  1. Have fun during the summer after high school but don't linger too long. When your friends leave for college, find somewhere to go about the same time, get out of your town. Don't make yourself feel like you are getting left behind. I made this mistake and it sucked. 
  2. Make friends that aren't in college. Whether it's other gap year students or just kids that don't plan on ever going to college, befriend them. I had plenty of friends like this and I didn't utilize them and I regret it. 
  3. Don't wait for the perfect opportunity, if one comes up, take it, even if you think a better one could come soon. I got offered a spot on a sponsored road trip and delayed my answer because I was waiting to hear back form another opportunity and I ended up not being able to do either. Seize the moment and go for it.
  4. Don't worry about being alone. If you can't find anyone to backpack with or travel, do it alone. Don't let your friends weigh you down. 
  5. Lastly, just do it. Get the hell out of your hometown and get the hell out of your parents house.

Please don't fuck up as hard as I did. Thankfully I have something to do coming up but I still feel like I wasted a lot of time. Don't make the same mistakes I did. Have fun, And enjoy the freedom.

New Years Resolutions

     2014 has ended. Last year was the first year I have ever actually completed my new years resolution. I managed to post 100 posts on this blog. although I didn't complete it in the way I thought I would by posting twice a week, I still made it to 100 and I am very satisfied. Making new years resolutions is hard but here's how to guarantee that you don't give up in one week like 90% of people do.

  1. Don't focus on the end goal, focus on the steps to get there. Rather than saying "loose weight" say something like "work out both mondays and wednesdays." the more specific you are about time and place to achieve your goals the higher the chance is of following through.
  2. Only use quantifiable goals. exercise more is a very common goal but it is rarely quantified. If you worked out at all you would be working out more. Set a number. I want to work out 104 times this year, That comes out to twice a week. at the end of the week you can check whether or not you have completed your goal. A lot harder to ignore than asking yourself if you have worked out more than last year and a lot easier to feel satisfied short term. 
  3. If you get behind, don't make it up later. let's go back to the exercise resolution, If your plan is to work out 4 days a week and you miss one week due to a vacation or something of that nature.  forget about that week and pick up where you left off instead of working out 8 times the next week or 5 times week for the next 4 weeks. Keep it simple, stay on track. 
  4. Be flexible but not too flexible. if you set your goals too high and realize they may be unobtainable, don't let yourself snap.This means you realize that they are impossible so you stop. Instead, alter them so they are a bit easier. Exercising once a week for a year is better than exercising four times a week for 3 weeks. Bend, don't break. 

     By following these guidelines I have once again set my new years resolution. The first one is to draw 52 pictures by the end of the year. That comes out to one drawing a week. I will not be publishing them all because it is purely for myself. The second one, which is the easiest of the three, is to keep track of my chocolate milk consumption. I have always been curious how much I drink. (so far I have drank 8 glasses.) and lastly I want to keep up my website. I have yet to fully develop this thought. Because of my plans for travel and school, I might back off from last year and only post once a week. I have yet to solidify my plans for my website but they will come soon. Best of luck to all who attempt a new years resolution. Take them seriously but have fun.

A Predicament

     I recently shaved my long hair that I have been growing for around 2 and a half years and my beard of about 5 months. I shaved and trimmed just in time for an up coming blind date with a sorority girl. Sound like perfect timing that as soon as I stop looking like a 35 year old homeless man I'm set up with a hot sorority girl, right? wrong. The timing was terrible. I shaved my beard first with a clipper and then with a razor so that It would be easier. However, My skin was not used to being shaved after having a beard for so long so it broke out. Acne does not look good on me. I waited for it to subside and then tried again and once again, acne spread across my cheeks and chin. I had 5 days till my date so I decided I would not shave and to go for it with a little bit of stubble. After all, stubble is very attractive to some women, acne is not. My plan was going great until this morning. I had forgotten how quickly my facial hair grows and four days after my most recent shaving incident the acne was gone but the stage of beard growth where your face gets itchy and irritated from the long stubble breaking through your skin was upon me. I'm caught between a rock and a hard place. By letting my beard grow I could potentially show up to my date with stubble and acne (a bad combination) or clean shaven, but risk irritation and even worse acne. I am still weighing my pros and cons. If any one has any advice please send help immediately. Worst comes to worst I might actually need to use something other than my ridiculously good looking face and figure to get this girl to like me. Wish me luck.

Desert Island

     Avocados are amazing. I love avocados and eat them every chance I get. They are also very healthy and packed full of energizing goodness. Someone told me that If you were to be stranded on a desert island with nothing but water and avocados you could easily survive. It made me even more eager to eat avocados but then I thought, "I don't live on a desert island." If you could survive on a dessert island with nothing but avocados and water that's cool and all, but what if you aren't on a desert island? I'v never heard of a fruit that's nutritional value is dependent on the location of its consumption. 

SnapChat Etiquette

     I use snapchat everyday. It's by far my favorite app on my phone. However people misuse it frequently. I don't mean they use it for evil or anything, they just don't use it as well as they could. I put together A short list of things to keep in mind while using the snapchat app.

  1. Don't send me your snapchat story. If I get a snapchat from you and then look at your story and see the same one, I'm gonna be bummed out. You want to snap chat me something but also want everyone else to see it including me? You don't need to double up. If it's on your story I will see it, you don't need to send it to me and to your story. That being said you can send people snapchats with the same content as your story as long as it isn't the exact picture or video. Make your story, then retake the picture and throw an emoji in there or a more personalized caption.
  2. Mass snaps are ok. Some people think that they are annoying and no one should do them because you could just post to your story, but a mass snap means that you might be interested in starting a snap conversation, not just wanting people to see what you're doing at that moment. The story feature has a very different purpose than sending out a mass snap. 
  3. I don't care what you're eating right now. Every once in a while, sure, Send me a snap of a salad so you can make sure other people know you make sacrifices to have that body, but then I'd rather just see that. If you post a picture of food more than once a week you are wasting my time. That is for Instagram where I can at least have the satisfaction of not liking it and just scrolling by. The safest thing to do is to never post pictures of your food. No one cares. 
  4. Screen shotting is the one flaws with snapchat. And everyone has differing opinions. Some people think that under no circumstances is it ok, some people think that If you aren't prepared to have it screen shotted don't send it at all. I think screen shooting is fine, just use your discretion. For example, a  a selfie with a random construction worker you might find funny and want to screenshot, that is fine, I appreciate that. There are no likes or comments on snapchat so sometimes that is the only positive feedback you can get. However on the flip side, if I snap my friend of picture of me making as many double chins as I can and counting them, Don't screenshot that. Not because it's inappropriate or anything, just because that is snapchat courtesy. 
  5. The beauty of the story feature is that there is no real limit to how much you can post. On instagram it's annoying when people post 100 pictures in a day. And the same goes for snapchat, It's just a lot easier to stay below the annoying level. Anything over 80 seconds long is too much. Although the threshold for amount of posts before I start to hate you is much higher, it is still there. So be careful.

I hope this guide will help you snapchat responsibly and respectfully. 

Elevating Gas Chamber

The gym was closed. The front desk had said it would be open until 7 but uppon arival at 6, the gym emloyee said he would be closing early. We turned back toward the elevator to return to our hotel room. We approached the elevator in dissapintment, our dreams of benching tremendous weights would have to wait another day to be realized as just a dream. While approaching the elevator I let out a sigh of dissapointment from between my rosy cheeks. Hardly enough noise to be heard, as if the last who in whoville had finnally participated in the humongous racket to gain the attention of Horton. 

     My brother and I boarded the elevator together and upon entering my brother inquisited as to whether or not I had unchained a food ghost in the elevator. I told him I had not and that it may have fallowed me from outside the elevator where I had in fact released exhaust. He chuckled and then look at me and told me that he too had just added to the methane problem that haunts our enviornment. 

     the scent was not serious but it was present. the gym was on the floor directly below the lobby. We should have taken this into account before inviting caspar the ghosts unhygenic brother to accompany us. 

     When the light on the elevator indicated we had gotten to the lobby, the elevator slowed and came to a hault. Oh shit! our nightmares had been realized. we wouldnt be alone for long. 

     the elevator doors slid silently aside and revealed a pair of relaxed tourists returning to their hotel room after a long day of tourism. They stepped inside the realm that i had just claimed as my own. almost imediatly after the doors silently encased us into the chamber of doom, one of the pair exlaimed none to eloquently, "What the hell is that smell?' We had been found out, they must have had a hunch that by our nervous glances at eachother and apperant physical anxiety that we were the culprits. We waited until we reached our floor, a painfully long journey. and then laughed from embarrassment as we hurried back to our den in which we could freely hotbox ourself with noxious fumes, where our bowels would not be oppressed.

My Biggest Regret

Here is an email I recently sent to club penguin. For those of you who aren't aware of what club penguin is, it is an online video game for kids and you play as a penguin. 

My name is Hunter Randolph, I am 18 years old, and I am in distress. I have not played club penguin in years and cannot remember my password or what email I used to create my account. However that is not what my problem is. One of my biggest regrets in life is in how I named my penguin. I named him wumbo5 and I loved that name. I joined club penguin very early so I was able to get the first name I tried. However, about a year after I got the name I began to realize that maybe I shouldn't have named him wumbo5 and should have instead just named him wumbo. I am used to having to pick obscure names because everything without numbers is usually already taken, putting a 5 on the end seemed like the normal thing to do, but it would have been absolutely legendary to have my name be just wumbo. To this day, many years later, it haunts me that I might have been able to have the greatest screen name in the world but I wan't willing to spend 15 seconds to check it's availability. Even now I remain extremely disappointed. What I am asking is not to have my screen name changed because I am sure wumbo has been taken by now and I don't even remember my password or anything, but simply to tell me whether or not wumbo was available at the time I joined. I would look myself but I do not have access to that kind of information. This would mean a lot to me, more than you could ever know. 
Thank you so much for creating a game that I played for years throughout my childhood,
-Hunter Randolph

4 Years To Make it

     I'v been thinking a lot about what I want out of college. And I think I have it figured out. Lets start by talking about what I want to do after college. I plan on not having a real job. I want to be able to have fun and do whatever the hell appeals to me and get paid to do it. It's a long shot, but it isn't unachievable. Trying to start this career after college would be impossible. My parents wouldn't support me while I tried to figure it all out and my plan to do whatever I want will fail if I tried to start now.  I can do whatever I want and that part is easy, But how can I turn it into a profession? that's where it starts to get tricky, I realized that in order to make this plan work I need an edge. That edge could be writing, film making, party planning or something else that can somehow tie into my shenanigans. 

     Now back to why I'm going to college. This four year span of time will serve three main purposes.

  1. Let me have fun. I will be able to experience the whole college scene; meet new people, go to parties, mess around and have a blast without feeling to stressed out.
  2. Get that edge I referenced earlier. I can use this time to learn movie making or take writing classes. I will pursue only what sounds good to me. I AM NOT going to college to get a degree, I don't care whether or not I graduate as long as I can take the classes I want, and avoid the ones that are only a necessity for graduation.
  3. They put off having to fend for myself in the real world for 4 more years. I will be trying to start my career as a professional goof arounder in college while I have a place to stay and food to eat. So when I leave college, hopefully I will have laid some groundwork and won't have to struggle as much. 

     Most people go to college to learn and to get their degree because any job they would want would require you to have a college degree. Because I would be working for myself, a college degree wouldn't mean anything so I don't feel like I need to get one. If it ends up working out where I can graduate and get my certificate then excellent, but that isn't my goal. 


Touch Tank

     When I was younger I was an avid nose picker. I did it almost every day and had no plans of stopping. However, every once in a while I would encounter a problem. When my family went to Tahoe, because of the high elevation and dry air, my nose picking habits frequently resulted in bloody noses. However, being the proactive individual that I am, I devised a set of rules that would help me cut down on high elevation nose bleeds. As the saying goes, good players adjust. The main rule was the same one that applied at touch tanks. If the animal is attached firmly enough to a rock to be unable to be removed with 2 fingers, leave it be. If a nasal submarine was too solidly rooted to my nasal cavity that the traditional one finger scoop would not suffice, then I would have to leave it be. By cutting down on the heavy machinery and fingernails that I shoved into my brain holes, I was able to almost entirely eliminate high altitude nose bleeds. Are you proud of me, mom? I'm a problem solver!